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2019 in Wine: Old Becomes New

December 27, 2018
"During the past decade, the Naumes Family, once the largest pear grower in the world, has delved into the wine industry, planting and processing grapes at its own custom-crush facility, producing its own vintages, and expects to open a tasting room around Memorial Day."
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Blazing Ahead

September 1, 2018
"Thanks to the dedicated work of viticulturists and enologists around the world and here in Oregon, some of the unknowns surrounding exposure to smoke are coming into focus."
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Chapter Two for Trium

June 23, 2018
"Corallo’s wines are being produced by Chris Graves at Naumes Crush and Fermentation in Medford. 'He’s a phenomenal winemaker; we see eye-to-eye on all the characteristics — we like the same things. So it’s made this process very enjoyable and very easy. We’re excited about the product.'"
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Comice to Cabernet

December 1, 2017
"Today, the two industries intersect as Rogue Valley’s heritage pear growers Hillcrest, Naumes, Eden Valley, Del Rio and Harry & David have planted grapes and produce wine."
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Quest for Quality

July 17, 2017
"Naumes Custom Crush & Fermentation has reached the two-year mark and appears well on its way to developing premium wines for the region's vineyard owners."
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Naumes Expects to Double Wine Output

May 26, 2016
"Naumes Crush & Fermentation expects to double its wine production in its second year, moving nearer to its 500-ton capacity."
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A Serious Crush

August 1, 2015
"Southern Oregon’s wine industry continues to expand, and impressively so, with innovative and exciting opportunities. Enter Naumes Crush & Fermentation, the region’s newest and most modern wine-processing facility."
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